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Fate Reforged Booster Pack

Fate Reforged Booster Pack

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    After passing through the Nexus, Sarkhan finds himself in a half-familiar world—Tarkir, but not quite his Tarkir. Worse, the voices in his head have finally fallen quiet—at the moment when he actually wants Ugin's guidance. Soon, however, he finds guidance of a different kind when he sees a dragon tempest, a storm that spawns dragons. He realizes the truth: he has traveled into Tarkir's past—1,280 years, though Sarkhan doesn't know the exact span—back to before whatever calamity ended the tempests. 


    Sarkhan witnesses the dragon Atarka assert dominance over her new broodlings, then sees a woman—whom he will soon learn is the ancient Temur khan, Yasova Dragonclaw—attack the dragons and scatter Atarka's broodlings. She represents the strength of humans who must contend with dragons, and Sarkhan realizes that this is a new beginning—a chance for Tarkir to become the world he had always hoped for; and for Narset's fate, and Ugin's, to be reforged.