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Sell My Magic Cards to Mox Mania

Store Credit Bonus!


Now get a 20% Bonus in Store Credit when you choose to sell us your cards for Store Credit!*


How Do I Sell Cards to Mox Mania using the Buylist (Please Read):

1. Login to your accunt and then click the 'Sell Us Your Cards' tab at the top. This puts you in 'Selling' mode to sell us your cards.

2. You can quickly find the cards you wish to sell us by either searching or through browsing the products section on the left to locate the cards you wish to sell; now just add them to your Sell Cart. (Make sure you are in Selling Mode!)

3. To Edit or Checkout, click the 'Sell Cards' link in the Buylist Cart section to the right.

4. Follow the system prompts to complete the sell order. Please make sure to package your cards in the same order they appear on your receipt. If cards are not sorted in this way it may delay your payment.

5. Wait for the approval email to arrive prior to shipping your cards (although it is rare, we might make some changes so please double-check)

6. You will be notified when your package arrives at our office. You will then receive an email receipt confirming the grade of your cards. Any cards we receive that are less than NM-Mint will be discounted according to their grade (see chart below).

7. You will receive payment promptly once we've received and processed your Buylist Order (Usually the day the order arrives!). Payment can be made either through check, Paypal or Store Credit (20% bonus in Store Credit!!)


Buy Prices: Prices shown are for NM-Mint cards, however we will buy cards that are played. We will pay a percentage of the buy price listed, based on the corresponding grade of the card. The scale below is the percentage of the buy price listed we pay based on the cards grade.

  • Unplayed - 100%
  • Slightly Played - 93%
  • Moderately Played - 85%
  • Heavily Played- 75%
  • Damaged - 55%


Important: We are only buying English cards through the Buylist. We will buy cards in heavily played or worse condition, but only if their buylist price is over ten dollars. Cards that are sent to us in heavily played or worse condition and the buy price is less than ten dollars can be returned at the seller's expense, or we can simply keep them. We will contact you if we receive cards in this condition to see how you would like to proceed. We strongly suggest you purchase tracking and insurance when sending us your Sell Order! We are NOT responsible for lost orders that were shipped from the buyer!


We Also Buy Collections!


Just give us a call or email if you have a collection to sell! (608) 572-1718 or


Send Your Cards To:

Mox Mania

 Attn: Buyer

410 D'Onofrio Dr.

Madison, WI   53719

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*times are CST

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